I am really passionate about working with children and young people here at The Little Room of Calm. I began my journey into working more closely with children here a couple of years ago when I was very fortunate to be taught the Incredible Years Programme for the benefit of our own children and us as parents.

I have since gained an NCFE certificate in Children and Young People’s mental health and more recently began my journey in training with Julie and Marcia, the founders of Hypno4Children. Both very experienced and accomplished therapists themselves, they have developed a programme for children and young people which I now deliver on a 1:1 basis and in group settings called the MINDHACK system.

The MINDHACK system is a system that is designed to work with children and young people of all ages, to educate them on just how brilliant and clever their minds and bodies are. To understand how our brains work to keep us safe and be able to recognise where and why our brains may have thoughts or feelings that feel big or overwhelming sometimes. When we can understand just how normal this, we can learn how we can work with our brains and bodies, tap into our inner resources and learn tools and strategies to help us manage our thoughts and feelings in any situations we may come across.

It is a toolkit for life and can help to build and strengthen positive beliefs and resilience as we learn and grow. Delivered over 5 sessions, this programme includes a programme workbook, interactive, hands-on activities and bespoke hypnosis’ (which are recorded for home use also) and often we may also do some Reflexology to help soothe and relax the child as well as Reflexology tutorials with parents and children to learn how to give reflexology at home. This can be a really beautiful way of connecting and strengthening the bond with children, no matter what our age or circumstances.

For older children, I also offer the Hypno4Children STUDYCALM programme which is designed to help children and young people who are preparing and studying for tests and exams. In this programme we cover negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs which may be holding them back and reframe these thoughts to encourage a growth mindset.

We also discuss and develop strategies to help manage any anxieties that may arise and develop a toolkit for self-care, managing expectations and effective focus and study plans. It is an empowering and effective mindset programme and range of tools and strategies to empower young people which can be carried throughout school and beyond.