Balance your mind, body and soul
I visited Chantal whist suffering with severe anxiety. I had tried counselling before but was still anxious. I’m so glad I found The Little Room of Calm. Chantal helped me transform the way I think and helped me in so many ways.      
Working with Chantal to overcome my anxiety has really benefitted my mental health and helped me to come out of my shell. I felt even after one or two sessions, my perspective has changed on things I had previously found really challenging.      
Our session has really helped me to change my relationship with flying. My dad lives in Spain and I visited him over the summer twice. I used my techniques and felt calm and in control. I no longer need to feel anxious about visiting him any more. Thank you so much, it’s made such a...
I feel I have been living in black and white for such a long time. I finally feel the colour has returned to life again and I can just be in the moment, without unrealistic expectations of myself or others. I finally feel free.